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Spiced Yogurt Flatbread
Yogurt Flatbreads. A quick, easy recipe for light, fluffy delicious flatbreads using 2 basic ingredients, that you can make in mere minutes.
$11.99  110 Cal.  

Spicy Chicken Bites
Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces. In a large bowl combine the buttermilk, hot sauce, and chicken.
$5.99  $3.50    

Spicy Shrimp
Shrimp recipes tend to be quick-cooking and delicious so they are perfect to have on hand for last-minute dinners or appetizers.
$5.99  $4.00    

Soup & Salads
Caesar Salad
A green salad of romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Dijon mustard, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper.

Garden Salad
In a large bowl, combine lettuce, endive, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and cucumbers. Drizzle with salad dressing and toss until evenly coated.

Portobello Mushroom Salad
Portobello mushroom salad, with warm mushrooms, Manchego cheese, and a zesty vinaigrette.

Prime Steak
Prime roasts and steaks are excellent for dry-heat cooking such as broiling, roasting or grilling.

Fillet Steak
Filet mignon is a steak cut of beef taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin, or psoas major of the cow carcass, usually a steer or heifer.

Ribeye Steak
Ribeye steaks are mostly composed of the longissimus dorsi muscle but also contain the complexus and spinalis muscles.

$45.00  $29.00    

French Fries Small

French Fries Large

French Fries Medium